Meet Our Team


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Meet the pretty face of the operation.  Bryan co-founded LIT in July 2019 with Dana, Doug, and Michelle.  When he’s not at the lounge, he’s working his “big kid job” at Bommarito Automotive Group, where he’s been the Director of Finance for 22 years.  Besides smoking cigars, his other passions include golf, travel, and spending time with his family.


Favorite cigar  Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado

Favorite drink  Blanton’s with a big cube…although, finding a new appreciation for ‘neat’



Meet the brains of the operation.  Bryan convinced Dana to help open a "little cigar shop” in July 2019, and she took that dream and built what you see today.  You can find Dana at the lounge….well….all the time, and if she’s not making drinks, selling real estate, or yelling at Bryan, you can find her cleaning up before you even stand up.  When she’s not at the lounge, she’s working her job as a residential real estate agent, something she’s been doing for 18 years.


Favorite cigar JAVA by Drew Estate

Favorite drink Yes



As one of the co-founders of LIT, Doug had one goal.  He wanted a great place to smoke!  He accomplished that at LIT, but you won’t see Doug at the lounge very often anymore.  He and his wife, Michelle, moved to Milwaukee, WI in December 2019 where they currently reside with their three children, Jack, Gavin, and Zoe.


Favorite cigar Davidoff Nicaraguan Toro

Favorite drink White Claw



As the co-brains of the operation, Michelle is equally responsible for the warm decor you find at LIT today.  She and Dana wouldn’t let the guys have anything to do with how the place was set up, be very thankful for that.  As we mentioned in Doug’s profile, you won’t find Michelle at the lounge very often, she’s living the dream in the great north with her family!


Favorite cigar No, thank you

Favorite drink Good red wine



As the oldest of Bryan and Dana’s three kids, Alli works part time at the lounge on the weekends.  She graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Special Education, which makes her a perfect fit for the lounge crew.


Favorite cigar Yeah, no

Favorite drink A good cabernet sauvignon or the O’Fallon Dad’s Oatmeal Cookie Stout



The #1 #2 child, Ashley works at the lounge part time.  She graduated from MIZ-ZOU in May 2019, which taught her all that you need to know about the bar scene.  She works for a local behavioral health company and is currently working on her Master’s degree.  


Favorite cigar Nah

Favorite drink Everything except far



The bouncing baby boy works at the lounge part time.  Andrew is pursuing his Retail Tobacconist Certification, so challenge his knowledge! You’ll find Andrew adding cigars to his dad’s tab and is always up for a Golden Tee challenge.  When he’s not at the lounge, you’ll find Andrew sleeping, playing video games, or golfing.

Favorite cigar Perdomo Double Aged Vintage 12yr. Connecticut 

Favorite drink Green tea (he’s only 20 ya’ know…)


AKA Baby

Drew Drew


Jeff works at LIT part time, originally as a recruited volunteer.  Jeff started smoking cigars and drinking bourbon when it became a requirement, to hang out at the Snyder’s house.  Jeff graduated from MIZ-ZOU in May 2019, where he became a ‘shot’ expert, and currently sells health insurance for a local broker.  When he’s not at the lounge, you’ll find Jeff on a golf course.

Favorite cigar Esteban Carreras 211 Toro

Favorite drink Buffalo Trace with a big cube



As the ‘Director of Gaming’ for LIT, Kim is in charge of our poker nights, and works at the lounge part time.  Regardless of how many times she asks, please don’t let Kim control the music.  When Kim isn’t at the lounge, you’ll find her watching one of her two sons play baseball, or on a golf course.


Favorite cigar Java Corona Latte or Mint

Favorite drink That’s a hard one.  I love everything”



The LIT Cigar Lounge Bourbon Steward officially earned his ‘Stave and Thief Society’ Bourbon Steward certification in February, 2020.  He’s currently working on his own homemade recipe, something you may find on the bar at LIT in the future!  Dave spent 9 years in the U.S. Navy and  smokes and drinks at the lounge as often as he can.

Favorite cigar Padron 1926

Favorite drink Woodford Reserve Double Oaked neat