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Acid Blondie - SLBS Only

When you talk about infused cigars, there’s one name that immediately comes to mind, and that’s Acid Cigars. And within the Acid lineup, there is one line that reigns supreme; the Acid Blondie cigar. Using premium tobaccos that are infused with more than 150 different botanicals, herbs and essential oils, the Acid secret floral formula gives smokers an incredible smoking experience that is unlike anything else on the market!

Sweet and mild by nature, the Acid Blondie, is hand-made at the Drew Estate's Estelí, Nicaragua factory. Inspired by the culture of urban art, the visual experience is designed to match the taste and aroma that make Acid cigars stand out. With its sweet, smooth, and sugary tastes of cinnamon, coffee, and vanilla, the Acid Blondie nestled in a light-brown Sumatra wrapper is the original version that inspired and launched the variations that would come afterwards.

Acid Blondie - SLBS Only

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